Ways To Save Money On Your 4×4 Car Insurance

Apart from the obvious benefits of a 4×4 if you are often off the roads, it is common knowledge that 4x4s are a safe car to have for a family, this can often make them appealing for a number of people and so they are willing to pay more for a car like this than any other family car.Even though the car costs more there is no reason why you should pay above the odds on your 4×4 car insurance as well, which currently one in three consumers are doing. Nearly fifty percent of all people in the United Kingdom do not bother to compare a number of quotes and 25 percent renew their 4×4 car insurance instantly with the same insurer. There are a number of tips below to help you keep the cost down for your 4×4 car insurance:

Take the time to shop around it is so easy to save hundreds of pounds by taking five minutes to compare quotes online, Cheap Insurance Locator has a specialist 4×4 car insurance quote comparison system to optimize your savings, we compare a number of specialist providers which means you will be more than likely to find one of the cheapest 4×4 car insurance quotes on the internet.

Try and keep only regular drivers on the policy to lower your 4×4 car insurance you can always insure other drivers who use the car less on a day by day basis as and when they need it. Adding other drivers to your 4×4 car insurance will only increase the policy a lot, and will end up costing more in the long run especially if the driver is in a higher risk category than the main driver. Being sure to protect your no claims bonus will also help lower your 4×4 car insurance, with only a small additional cost this is insures you against losing up to a ninety percent discount on your 4×4 car insurance premium. For the extra few pounds it is definitely worth it, in case you do have to make a claim on your insurance at some point.

You can also increase your excess to lower your 4×4 car insurance, meaning you would have to pay more initially for a accident with the car, e.g. 500 pounds, but your premium will be dramatically less, and realistically you will not be claiming on your insurance for any work under 500 pounds as it will increase your 4×4 car insurance quote too much the next year.Another to tip to reduce your 4×4 car insurance is to keep your car in the garage if possible as on street parking also increases your 4×4 car insurance premium, as especially it being a 4×4 you are more likely to get broken into if your car is on the road open for thieves etc to break into, hide it away from temptation, even if it means cleaning out the garage, it will save you money in the long run by reducing your 4×4 car insurance.

If you agree to a set mileage your 4×4 car insurance will be lower, i.e. if you drive 10,000 miles a year less than you are paying for you will save around a hundred pounds a year, a significant amount for a simple calculation. If you take these tips into consideration when it comes to renew your 4×4 car insurance you will be sure to get the most out of it. Remember to check out Cheap Insurance Locator as they specialize in quotes for cheap 4×4 car insurance.